Super quality white pvc foam board

White pvc foam board


HXL celuka foam board uses celuka production technology, making its surface more stronger, no deformation, strong grip screw force, etc. HXL PVC foam board is good for outdoor wall panel, bathroom cabinet, cupboard or decorative board, etc, which provides better quality than wood with functions of moisture-proof, mould-proof, insect-resistant, etc. With strong anticorrosion function, fire-retardant, no-deformation also, which makes it ideal for ceiling, wall panel and decoration materials, especially for buildings which are near sea or chemical industry area.

Color: White
Size: 1220mm x 2440mm[Mingguan PVC foam board can be designed as customer's requests.]
Thickness: 3 – 35mm
Density: 0.45-0.7g/cm3
Length: 8'(2440mm), 10’ (3048mm), 12’(3658mm), 18’(5486mm), 20’(6096mm)    

1.Mingguan PVC foam board is closed cell product, making it resistant to moisture and insects.
2.Mingguan PVC foam board is lightweight, making the product easy to work with.
3.Mingguan PVC foam board is no need painting, but may be painted to achieve desired color.
4.Mingguan PVC foam board is with variety of sizes, styles.
5.Mingguan PVC foam board resists moisture and insects; as well as it will not rot, warp, delaminate, cup or twist.
6.Resistant to weathering, shock and abrasion. 

Mingguan PVC foam board has a very wide application range, it is being used for:
*Construction ( wall panels, ceilings, decoration etc.)
*Furniture board
*Marine(seating, covers, shelving, cabinets, stairs, electronics & wall panels, door etc.)
*Water park
*Seashore wet-proof facility
*Various interlayer
*Decoration board, upholstery for train, car and many more